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About : kuh recording
kuh recording is a music label run by Collioure (alias NAKAMURA Takahiro). Mainly producing matrix for the work of Collioure, his own project. Always accept new challenges and pursue a comfortable sound for the listeners.


Collioure /
Timeless Pulse


Nakamura Takahiro /
Beautiful Things


Collioure /
Truth with Elegance


Collioure /
Colors of the Spirit

About : Collioure (Nakamura Takahiro)
Collioure (alias Nakamura Takahiro) is a producer and DJ whose work is based in Tokyo, Japan.
From the age of 15 he starting playing in bands doing vocals and playing the guitar.
In 2003, he started the solo project "Collioure", and in the same year he did his debut as a remixer in Japan.
Since then he has engaged in various music related activities such as being a programmer, arranger, etc. and in 2005 he release his debut album "Colors of the Spirit" from his very own label "Kuh Recording".
In 2007, he released his 2nd album "Truth with Elegance". In 2008, he released "Beautiful Things" under the name of Nakamura Takahiro.
And in 2010, he released his 3rd album "Timeless Pulse" under the name of Collioure. He carries out all aspects of his music compositions by himself including arrangements, musical performance, programming, mixing, etc. All his works are currently receiving great praise within Japan and all over the world.
In recent years he has had more offers from artists around the world, and in 2010, he became involved in music activities worldwide, taking part in the "Dreaming Remixes" of electronic unit "TOMATO JAWS", famous in the Ukraine; and the compilation album "IDEAL CHILL III" from the Chill Out label "IdealMusik" in Germany.
He takes particular attention to detail when remixing sounds, and he has an amazing sense of balance that transfers even warmer support from the creator and the DJ to the listeners, increasing the amount of solid recognition that he has received from people around the world.
He is planning to create a new label that will be expanded worldwide and will provide support and collaboration opportunities to newcomer artists from Japan and the rest world, providing as well a base for his new artistic activities. We can certainly expect this producer to leap out onto the worldwide stage with new amazing pieces of work.


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